New Material Award

The New Material Award focuses on innovative material research at the interface of science, design, art, and technology. Across the boundaries of their own field of expertise, nominated visual artists, designers and architects contribute to the development of new materials. Ceramics, building materials, metals and textiles are developed based on existing and unusual raw materials such as cow's blood, algae, waste metal, and borrowed material.

With its public presentations the New Material Award offers a platform to a generation of designers who dare to ask fundamental questions about industrial production processes and natural growth, waste flows and residual materials.

The winners of the New Material Award 2018 are Studio Klarenbeek and Dros, in collaboration with Atelier LUMA, with Algae Lab Luma. The project investigated whether algae can form the raw material for the large-scale production of biopolymers, a sustainable alternative to the production of plastics from oil. The winner of the New Material Fellow 2018 is Basse Stittgen who went in search of possible applications for cow's blood in the project Blood Related.


Agne Kucerenkaite with Ignorance is Bliss, Alexander Marinus with Hey Jute, Basse Stittgen with Blood Related, Daria Biryukova with Forz Glaze, Envisions with Wood in Progress, Inge Sluijs with Plasma Rock, Iris de Kievith & Annemarie Piscaer with SerVies, Ekatarina Semenova with Care for Milk, Studio Klarenbeek & Dros and Atelier Luma with Algae Lab LUMA, Overtreders W & bureau SLA with People's Pavilion: 100% geleend, Sanne Visser with The New Age of Trichology, Shahar Livne with Lithoplast, Studio Chris Kabel with Recomposed Bamboo, Telesilla Bristogianni & Faidra Oikonomopoulou with Re3-Glass en Xandra van der Eijk with Future Remnants. Information on all nominated projects can be found at

The New Material Award is a collaboration between Stichting Doen, Fonds Kwadraatand Het Nieuwe Instituut.


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